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  1. Ok any mapper in your area will do. They put on the same map but will charge you 3-5x for it.
  2. Suspension mods ads always a trade off I suppose. Good if your tracking it.
  3. Mixed as in how? Like they are great or no difference? Or do they work but make the car rattly and hard?
  4. It's worth it if you want them?
  5. I did it the same way. Like Rich doesn't know lol. He's probably forgotten more than I know.
  6. Do it yourself. Have a quick google.
  7. Dblock

    Lupo 1.8 20v T

    Cool. Make a progress thread. Will be interesting. How much have you got done? £10 anyone?
  8. It doesn't matter. But IMO blocking the egr is more important.
  9. Just remember (I'm not bashing you for lowering it's your car after all) but if something is slightly worn lowering makes it much worse and put strain on components.
  10. Dblock

    Fuel Tank

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 53 Seat Arosa 1.4 TDi AMF. I need a new fuel tank. Does anyone have a part number or price? Thanks
  11. I don't know but sometimes garage will fit a generic sensor that needs to be wired and but doesn't always work. Common with lambda sensors. You get wires instead of a connector to plug.
  12. Map sensor replaced for a good part? No leaks? As said id check wiring next.
  13. Remember when I posted that. Yeah welcome to the past.
  14. I could be wrong but terraclean would probably be more relevant on a tdi than a petrol sports car.
  15. Agreed. The "sports" go through oil and petrol like it's going out of fashion. £10 says you will need a new gearbox soon too. Vw quality my foot.
  16. I hated the original seats. They had no bolster and weren't dense enough. The gold seats sorted both problems.
  17. I'm sure rich will know but they only way to check if it's the tensioner is if the belt is slack? Otherwise it could be your alt. you probably can buy bearings but you can just send it away for an already refurbed one if you preferred.
  18. No usually they bolt in. Boom boom. I could be wrong but they need a fair bit of modification to get them in. I think it's a swap the seat rails job. But I could be wrong so get a second opinion. Golf gti seats only need grinding to go in. Mk4 ones anyways.
  19. Ahh I get you. But the high pressure injectors would gum up way before that. There is a way to technically get past that. You can just change your oil ever y1-3k miles. If your super cool you can filter your oil and stick that in your fuel tank and burn that too! I'd only do that in an sdi or similar aged car but I think that's pretty cool. Are you using rapeseed?
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