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  1. Hi, thanks for everyone's help. i found out what it was called: glow plug harness. Unfortunately VW dealer only have them in stock. its 100 percent a lupo 1.4 TDI sport engine :).
  2. Hi, please can you look at the picture and let me know what this part is called? The three connectors go into the glows plugs.
  3. Does anyone have Lupo Door Cards - Full Set - back?
  4. Thanks guys. I did look on google but was hoping to find mappers people have used.
  5. Hi all can anyone recommend VW mappers in Surrey or London area please?
  6. JMG

    Alloy advise

    I didn't notice the set of wheels I pointed out were multi fitment so thanks for pointing that out as I didn't want that. Can u say what et/ offset I can go to ? I don't want to modify the arches, this I my first Lupo so still learning I no I can have 15" alloys and that standard width is 6" and just wondering what the standard et is and what I can get away with.. I haven't lowered the Lupo yet but will be I'm thinking 40mm lowering springs, don't want the Lupo totally slammed but dose need to be dropped from the standard height.
  7. JMG

    Alloy advise

    Cheers for link Sauage. I have been told I can go 8 width is this true? Or do I go small? I want to avoid having to mod the arches.
  8. I am interested in buying these alloys. (See link below). The width are only 6.5. What are your thoughts Pepps? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/15-TEAM-DYNAMICS-JET-ALLOY-WHEELS-AND-TYRES-BRAND-NEW-BLACK-POL-LIP-4X100-/330768838001?fits=Model%3ALupo&hash=item4d035bed71
  9. Hmmmm really need it in silver mate, cheers anyway.
  10. Hi all, I require the following; Rear spoiler in silver Black GTI seats Thanks James.
  11. Hi all, I have been trying to source two eletric wing mirrors in sliver for my 1.4 TDI sport. Unfortunately I have found no breakers on eBay, gumtree and other Lupo forums. There is currently two eletric sliver wing mirrors but from a Lupo GTI. My question is will the GTI version be ok to use for my TDI sport? Thanks James.
  12. Best properly was not the best word to use. I have been looking at the different options but unsure which one to choose: Bastuck Scorpion Janspeed Remus Custom I found this website that seems to offer the exhaust system I am looking for: www.direnza.co.uk/vw-lupo-1-2-1-4-1-6-1-7-fsi-tdi-sdi-exhaust-system.html let me know your thoughts? best regards, James.
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