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  1. Dont forget gti arches are diff to arosa and non gti's..
  2. andyp


    best make sure its clean lol
  3. if you click on the website then you can get a subscription to receive it.. http://www.thegolf.co.uk/
  4. adapters poss vary in price depending on width you want to run.. my tyres and black circle are poss the best online tyre people to have a look at
  5. dude, give us a shout when next in town and will sort something, im moving to new place and it has a driveway! lol
  6. get a long decorators brush to do where you cant reach as such... rest use a wheel brush poss to get in there, basically spray degreaser on, work it in then wipe off with dampish cloth. coolant tank not a clue but taking front off to me is a little extreme purely to clean the bay... baby wipes also work well mate *can ignore above if you choose to *
  7. andyp

    Lupo Sport

    was you at early edition?? very nice ride
  8. gti paul... think there are some vids on you tube that another forum member did
  9. I have janspeed on mine, cant fault it tbh
  10. and never listen to what i say either
  11. poss go 30 mm or see if can borrow an adapter off someone to trial fit
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