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  1. The rest of my parts came today. Again nothing exciting... Dog bone mount and Powerflex bushes VR6 MAF Battery tray for the boot
  2. Haha thanks Nick, although you did have me worried for a second then Not much of an update but my engine cover came today
  3. Thank you guys! Will be good to see you both on the weekend too
  4. The Polo engine finally came out this weekend I've kept myself busy on the 20v too. Got all of the hoses off Cam cover off for polishing A bit more stripping and this is how the engine stands at the minute. I have started sanding the block ready for painting too. I've also bought a couple of things for the engine over the weekend so I'll update when these arrive
  5. Gearbox mount came today Just need to start work on the bay now
  6. Managed to get a little bit of work done on the engine today. Firstly, flywheel off And finally onto the engine stand Inlet and wiring off And the engine looking a little barer And my purchase for this week, K04 charge pipe
  7. My new drivers side engine mount arrived today. The mount is from a 9n3 gti so can sit in the original position in the bay, although it does mean that the driveshafts will sit at an angle so I may move it anyway but we'll see The plan is to get the gearbox mount from the same car and get a dogbone mount and modify it to fit
  8. I need a Lupo GTi / TDi pedalbox, which aren't as easy to source. This'll allow me to convert to a hydraulic clutch which should look more OEM Started stripping the engine a little bit last night. Need to decide what's getting painted and what's getting polished now The AC pump will be getting binned though!
  9. Thank you Thanks Ryan! I haven't really set myself a deadline, it's been hard finding time to work on it lately as work's been mad and money's always going to slow things down, but it'll be at UDubs next year at least Well after weeks of being lazy and doing pretty much no work on the car I decided I needed to get myself motivated and actually make some sort of progress, starting with actually getting the engine out of my garage at home and down to the unit. So it turns out the Lupo actually makes a good van And finally at the unit I'm on the hunt for parts at the minute too. A coup
  10. This is lovely, foreign Lupo's are the best
  11. Thanks Alex Updates to come next week after spending too much time on the Lupo this past couple of weeks
  12. It's been a while so I thought I'd update with the few changes I've made. I swapped the rear view mirror for a black one I put the BMC on and stole the cold air feed from the Polo so my engine bay's a bit mis matched at the minute I will change the silicone hoses for blue ones at some point Lupo GTi wiper arms and wipers Before After Started painting my vents. I've gone for graphite grey rather than the usual gloss black I've only got one in so far as the others aren't finished. Will hopefully get those done tomorrow I'm planning on doing the headlining in grey too, and possibly new
  13. I will be getting new wheels, but that's not why The nut conversion is something i've been wanting to do for a while, think using nuts will be a lot more convenient, plus ive already had a threaded hub
  14. Hubs and wishbones came off today I'm gonna be getting Powerflex bushes and the wishbones seam welded and powdercoated. Think I'll also be converting the hubs to take nuts instead of bolts
  15. Thought I'd do a quick update just to stop the thread dying completely! I haven't been able to make much progress as I'm poor from Christmas I did manage to get the turbo off the engine though.. The plan is to hopefully get a K04 set up bought next month. I'll also be buying a BAM inlet, 20v throttle pedal and loom, Lupo GTi/TDI pedal box and VR6 MAF when I can afford them, hopefully within the next couple of months. Nothing exciting but I did start painting my cross members today to tidy them up, a quick before and after picture And as I haven't posted it up yet, my new washer bottle I bou
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