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  1. After owning this little wagon for so long, it feels pretty weird looking at it from someone else's thread now! Its looking great though... and very clean, so glad it went to a good home Reckon going back to OEM is a wise choice. Looking forward to future updates.
  2. Yeah still about, but Lupo's gone to a new home now though
  3. I have for sale my Raid sports 320mm Airbag leather steering wheel. This raid feels great, nice and chunky, plenty of grip and more knee room. In fantastic condition, no marks or scratches to leather. These are the only aftermarket steering wheels which have full-size airbag, with ABE / TÜV certificate. The Raid steering wheels are manufactured by Atiwe and distributed through Raid which is their aftermarket company. In case you aren't familiar with Atiwe, they are an OEM manufacturer, and their steering wheels are used on many high end cars including Aston-Martin, Porsche and others. These normally retail from about £400- £600, with adapters priced at £80.00. Will fit VW Lupo all models. VW Polo 6N; 1994–2002. Polo 6N2; 1999–2002. Seat Arosa & Ibiza 6K + 6K2 1993–2002. I’m advertising it on here first before ebay….I’m asking £280 including Raid adapter and next working day courier by hermes. Any question me feel free to message me....Thanks, Paul. http://
  4. thanks for the info mate!

  5. Hi, The fronts are made by FK and the backs From H&R. I think i bought them both from venom> www.venommotorsport.com

  6. alright mate, seen on your car thread youve porshe teledials on, can you tell me were you got the adaptors form and roughly how much they are? think ive got a set myself and would love them on my car! yours look sweet!

  7. vworks41


    Looks really nice and some neat touches to
  8. 20mm front, 25mm rear. Also ran 30mm's on the back for awhile to.
  9. Loving the yellow on silver
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