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  1. Looking for some front seats and door cards. As close to Leicester as possible ideally or willing to post the door cards. I have rear seats already. Thanks In advance
  2. Wonder if this was my old car? OU51BKD... on another note do you have the wheels for sale. Thanks
  3. Cheers Bernd have seen those and messaged about the eBay one. Missed out on a couple of really nice ones that were priced well over the last month sadly. Will just have to keep looking and wait. I’m not one for waiting haha
  4. Looking for a Black gti now can’t believe how the prices vary these days!
  5. Morning all, I use to use this site ten years ago and long when I had a few lupo’s. Now I’m back looking for another and after some help I’m what to look out for as these are obviously getting on abit now and I’m sure they have “common issues” to look out for. Any help would be appreciated and if you have one to sell then drop mesons details. Pics are of two I had, thanks!
  6. Evening all, after 10 years of not owning a GTI I’m looking for another. Located in Leicester it willing to travel for the right car. Pic of my last GTI many thanks
  7. Hello mate looks a lovely car! I’ve just started to look for another GTI after 10 years since I had one. How much did you pay for that if you don’t mind me asking. Here’s a photo of my last one (I’ve owned about 5 in the past)
  8. ***************SOLD***************
  9. Price droped with private reg £2900 reg valued around £350
  10. weekend bump! car comes with reg too
  11. lol true but has afew problems that I can't be arsed to fix thanks tho
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