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  1. thanks for the info mate!

  2. Hi, The fronts are made by FK and the backs From H&R. I think i bought them both from venom> www.venommotorsport.com

  3. Sweet rims mate! what are they?
  4. alright mate, seen on your car thread youve porshe teledials on, can you tell me were you got the adaptors form and roughly how much they are? think ive got a set myself and would love them on my car! yours look sweet!

  5. what hub adaptors are need to fit these?
  6. Aaron Martin

    Air bags -

    the photo looks pretty damn impressive!
  7. Aaron Martin


    hi there, seen a set of porshe teledials i quite like and ive seen them on quite a few lupos, does anyone know where i could get the adaptors to fit them? or a company that makes them? i take it they will make the wheels poke?
  8. any ideas what rims these are? they are actualy sweeet lookin!
  9. alright lad, emmm my insurance is 98 quid a month, its 3rd party fire and theft, im under my mums name but im the named driver, think she got the quote from quinns insurance, theres no point trying to get your own insurance unless you can afford to fork out atleast 2 grand a year!

  10. alright mate, cheers for the advice on my forum, whats your insurance like if you dont mind me asking? and who have you gone with, cheers george.

  11. hi george ive passed my test about a month now and im driving a lupo 1.4, its a great car wouldnt and dont want anything else plus an added bonus is that they are very cheap to run and will take very little to modifiy! i highly remcommend you get one!
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