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  1. ive done dimondbrite application for a client for less than half the price the dealer quoted him on his new merc. its rediculously overpriced, they get their diamondbrite kits in at like 35 quid and try and sell them for 300 + . Its easy to apply but when fully cured it can be a pain to remove in my experience
  2. Shampoo: AG Bodywork shampoo/conditioner Sponge/mitt: DoDo supernatural Polish: by hand SRP by machine menzerna polishes Sealant: Wax: AG HD and Purple Haze Glaze: I use AG SRP as a glaze
  3. and finish the area with something milder like lime prime to remove any swirls the UC may leave behind, i found UC left a lot of maaring on an astra vxr i corrected but then again the paint is very soft on vaux
  4. another vote for menzerna polish by either da or rotaty
  5. megs endurance is my fave, i always use 2 applications, leaves a nice shine, i use it on all the cars i detail
  6. yes thats right lupopo that arm , im going to go about taking the gearbox off with a mechanic friend at some point soon, cheers for the help Gav
  7. hey defcon, turns out the gearbox is working as i had to start it in first then get the revs right to make changes to get the car home, this is what happened - i went to pull off from a stand still and all i hear is a loud snapping noise from up front and my clutch is on the floor. Checked the cable and thats fine. The release bearing has been noisy for a while and now where the cable meets the plunger that goes into the gearbox , that plunger has no stifness to it anymore, its loose , sorry if its hard to make out what im saying but thats all iu know for now untill it goes to the garage Cheers Gav
  8. something big went bang in my gearbox last night and i now need a new one, the car is a 1.4s , anybody have or now for a gearbox in the swansea area cheers gav
  9. yo man i havent had it done yet ive just been topping the box oil up weekly , il be sending it into the garage next week il let u know what they say about the shaft
  10. sounds good mate , polishing by machine is so much more rewarding you should get one , they are not all as scary as ppl make out, you can get a decent silverline delivered with 3 buffing pads for 40 odd quid ,
  11. same thing hapend to mine, i still havent fixed it lol
  12. how much mate ? would cost me a fair whack to get up to you
  13. ok dude a gti like yours around here with a similar plate
  14. as title . located in swansea needed asap
  15. sorry guys , gearbox has gone on my lupo on the way back from bridgend today , wont be able 2 make the meet
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