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  1. She bought ryans lupo! Well atleast everyone knows its guna be taken care of with you haha
  2. Looks terrible on abarth wheels but probs the best arosa on here on the other set
  3. Probably the BEST gti on the forum well done looks epic! Red compliments the black so well! Nice red leather interior like alex had in his gti and it would be perfect, well its already perfect, well done mate!
  4. Is that an aston martin i see in the garage?
  5. Try fuse! I got hids and i thought my ballast went changed that turned out it was a poxie fuse
  6. Im sure ryan would lower price meaning its going too a fellow club lupoer haha and your going too take very good care of it!
  7. The car will be more even now i had my car weight when i had my coillies put on they recon ot on matters if ur taking ur car on tracks but there was no point cause they didn settle even
  8. Give it a try its worth a shot thats what happend with mine anyway mate
  9. All depends on how much petrol you got on board fuel tank is that side see i found my drivers rear springs settled alot quicker so what i did was take them out and swap them then they both settle the same
  10. Thats a lovely example mate very clean!
  11. This is mega mate great job!
  12. Interior is one i think, yours in mint condition but in my eyes thats jus the one thing too finish it off
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