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  1. im not a lover of major stretch at all. so none of the wheels above would be any good then really ? im terrible with wheel fitment cant get my head around it all haha cheers lads Alex
  2. looking for any infomation on what will fit and wont fit looking into a set of xxr alloys 15 or 16" Et0 and 8.25j also a set of klutch alloys 15x8.5 Et 17 or 16x8/9 Et unknown. any advice would be much appreciated as im terrible, also any photos advice on what your running would be great to get a good idea of what works and what doesn't. look forward to a response cheers for looking Alex
  3. No mate I haven't really noticed anything, id say the angle on them isnt really a problem but the metal flakes dont sound very good, have you checked the thread on the top of the coilover? there shouldn't be any metal rubbing really
  4. I have the same problem but on my GTI they dont seem to move but are sat weird since ive lowered it. ive got Fk highsports if that makes any difference, replace the top mounts but still the same i took it as camber being different ? cant find the powerflex top mounts either
  5. Been thinking of re-locating my CDA, had a test fit yesterday and ive decided to go to the right of the engine http://s1127.photobucket.com/albums/l633/alexscotty/?action=view&current=IMG_05621.jpg bought some aluminium 45 degree angle pipe to move it forward and out of the way a bit more. I removed some of the plastic as you can seen in the picture just for a bit more airflow. was just wondering if a air bypass valve would be a good idea, I think the idea is that it doesn't allow water into the filter ? what do people think of the idea because everyone seems to mount them over the inlet manifold and cut the engine cover? Cheers Alex
  6. fair enough i think il keep a eye of for a set of anniversary seats then cheers for the help
  7. just wondering what seats people put in there car, what they look like and how easy do they go in, post your pics and info
  8. cheers mate, helps to know that your going about it the right way and it wont be a waste of time trying it out will get it over the pit sometime soon
  9. ive just bought a mk4 gti quickshift and it look exactly the same or very similar. only thing is i just found a video if it being fitted to a golf and its a lot more work than i anticipated. you have to unbolt it from underneath by the looks of it which requires removing the centre section of the exhaust and heat shield ect. can anyone tell me if this is right ??
  10. alexscotty


    ive got 195/40/16 on my 7j wide wheels and they sit with a subtle bit of stretch if you can really call it stretch
  11. yeah i fancy a change and I was well impressed with that two stage polish and yeah i had mine given to me by ford
  12. has anyone heard of this company i had a sample of there two stage polish and the car came up trumps compare to my mates using autoglym and maguires polish was the smoothest the car has ever been. http://www.diamondbriteshop.co.uk/ Will buy some more of there products and keep you informed but does anyone else use or recommend this stuff ?? Cheers
  13. fronts are the same but backs are different
  14. ive got a set of eibach springs in the house just sat the car on coil overs (thank god) i believe there a 30mm drop just wondering how much they go for second hand. cheers
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