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  1. Infact i think they had Air Conditioning, does UK spec?
  2. It is, what are the differences then other than the tinted windows?
  3. So for another change... Had a few different Cars, now have a work van so need a car for pleasure! So i bought a Red Gti always wanted one! here it is, dealers photos: Excited for this Michael
  4. Right so i got rid of the Lupo, new car for me: Just though tid let you know Mikey
  5. ahhh that sucks! yeah i have been told that soo many times haha. i quite like them on i dont know why just do haha Thanks
  6. I have the dodo juice DA. I it's really good but doing the whole car takes soooo long!
  7. They are sooo good mate, careful with the speeds to begin with though
  8. Wow embarrassing, my bad regardless i want a jetta! lol
  9. yes mate, ill deffo be ready i reckon when you want to get rid of them summer will be when it gets serious! until then. I am just about to buy gti interior as i have heard from here they are much better and my back kills me if i drive for long periods of time... Thanks guys
  10. I want a mk1 jetta so bad! saw one go on gumtree for £13,000. 12,000 miles
  11. nice one bro, just be out in your lupo all the time with your mum n dad or whatever. get passing sharpish! haha
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