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  1. cj1

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Ahh okay I didn’t know that! Seems like good settings. Is the subframe out of line though to give the odd caster readings?
  2. cj1

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Nice. What GoPro mount are you using too that allows it to move slightly? And what geometry have you gone for?
  3. As per title, I have two very good condition suspension arms fitted with Powerflex black series bushes front & rear. Asking for £90, can throw in delivery if needed. Location wigan.
  4. cj1

    3rd Brake light

    Could you really be bothered though? Doubt you'd get charged more than £10-20 for one of a breaker. 12 minutes as opposed to 12 hours of a job.
  5. Thanks for that - looks just the job and a reasonable price! Looking specifically for adjustable, want to adjust camber without having to move top of wheel closer to strut/spring. But the info re fixed upgrade will be useful for when I do the suspension on the TDI! Thanks
  6. Hey up - anyone aware of somewhere that does adjustable top mounts for the Lupo? (Or what else uses the same - 6N/6N2 are the same too I think). See @Kam Racing have some listed on their site but says "No options available" so I'm assuming they're no longer available. Cheers
  7. cj1

    Tacho problems...

    I wouldn't trust that guy.
  8. cj1

    Lupo GTi in U-Pull-It in York

    I see the doors are still there. Me thinks a trip to York is in order.
  9. cj1

    internet security

    Thanks, I'll be sure not to enter my credit card details now!
  10. The breather pipe you refer to being aimed down at the road is in fact the air intake, which is fine to be as it is. The one Mk2 is referring to lives underneath the plastic airbox, roughly where the dipstick is. It's a push fitting and is easy enough to simply remove from the airbox.
  11. cj1

    Hounslow on A4. Black Lupo.

    If you squint, you can just about make out the Lupo!
  12. cj1

    Compomotive mos swap and cash

    Meh. It's personal taste I guess. I don't like them but if OP does then fair enough. It's nice to see someone doing something different at least.. The rear bumper is growing on me though!
  13. cj1

    No Compression 1 & 4

    If it helps you, I'm only down the road from you really near Wigan. I have a Polo 6N2 sat outside with a 1.0 AUC engine in it which at the moment is doing nothing. If you need a new head, complete engine or any bits just drop me a message. I do not however have a compression tester.
  14. cj1

    SDI to 3L style conversion

    And superior 😋

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