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  1. I may just wait until I take them off for winter and get them sorted while the centres are getting re sprayed, that seems the most logical option!
  2. One of my friends suggested that to me, its still gunna be a pain I think and would be so much easier if I could take them all out. i want to the sand the lips to get rid of all the **** thats build up on them. Will I lose tire pressure If i only take out a few at a time while the tire is still inflated?
  3. also, I was wondering is there any way i can polish the lips of my turbos without taking the tires off? i want to get at the areas in between the bolts and its a friken nightmare with them all in, can I deflate the tires and then just take all the bolts out and then polish? Do I even need to deflate the tire? This may sound a really stupid question but these are my first splits so i have no idea!
  4. alright so once again i have left to ages before posting anything, but not much has changed with the car. picked up some pressed plates at edition which is something which I have been meaning to do for a while as my old plates look minging: Im still after some second hand cambridge lights if anyone knows of any let me know! after some thought i have decided to take the back seats should be coming out in the next couple of weeks, i figured i never use them and i miss not have a decent sound system! Only photo from edition and a few random ones i got yesterday;
  5. saw this parked in xscape car park in mk a couple of days ago, looked really nice man!
  6. ok so my power steering is leaking and has been the last couple of months, I have to keep topping it up every couple of days, I mentioned it to my friend and he said there is something I can pour which will seal the pipe and stop the leak. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  7. HalKK

    Arches rolled??

    I took a round piece of wood and a heat gun to them the other day, turned out better than I expected!
  8. are there any "how to" threads about removing my rear wiper? If so can someone give me the link? Ive had a quick look in the search bar but nothing came up.
  9. yea i figured it out once i posted it on Facebook thanks! thanks man
  10. they most certainly are at a good home! can anyone tell me what this is?? I have only just seen it and I have no idea what it is!!
  11. HalKK

    Induction Kits.

    right so in light of all that, I'm not going to bother buying one at the moment and just drill my air box!
  12. Right so yesterday I tried to roll my arches on my own! It was a little harder than I first thought. Armed with a hair drier and a round piece of wood I attacked! I managed to roll them back slightly without cracking any of my paint. It should be enough to get them out the way when I take the rear adjusters out. Which should have been today but my friend let me down! While the car was up on the jacks I lowered the front down a little, easier said than done because I don't have any C spanners! loads of WD40 and some elbow grease later the front is sitting a little lower now. Its funny, the lower the car gets then the thinner my wallet becomes! Gave him a little bath as well while I was at it. Im going to try and take my rear wiper out today if I get around to it, ill upload some photos if I get it done!
  13. HalKK

    Induction Kits.

    right so your saying its not going to make that much difference?
  14. HalKK

    Arches rolled??

    does anyone know where I can get my arches rolled in or around Milton Keynes?
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