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  1. waaaoooww im on a pic haa
  2. AJ Joyce

    Kawizaki Green 15"x7 Kn Diamonds 4x100

    wish i had the money to buy these back off you lol but i dont nor do i have a lupo for them lol
  3. AJ Joyce

    dubfreeze? stafford

    Runcorn By Warrington mate how about you?
  4. AJ Joyce

    dubfreeze? stafford

    Yeah me and aload from the garage are going
  5. AJ Joyce

    Few bits needed for black lupo

    Iv got two black rear bumpers in alright condition
  6. Where you from man realy intrested? Email me aj199043@hotmail.co.uk
  7. AJ Joyce

    who has the lowest lupo then ? pics required

    mines lost many a bit of paint of bottom of the door from passangers haaa
  8. AJ Joyce

    jazz blue sport, new rims!!!....

    Now Now guys are my ears burning, I Should do a build thread realy like everyone keeps telling me too
  9. AJ Joyce

    Thinking of wrapping my roof

    Check my sig, mines matt black on jazz blue
  10. AJ Joyce

    Lower strut brace

    Fancy postin a pic of the one uv just got? Might be intrested
  11. AJ Joyce

    who has the lowest lupo then ? pics required

    a guy after my own heart lol
  12. AJ Joyce

    who has the lowest lupo then ? pics required

    me likey. It a Daily?

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