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  1. pair of wind deflectors used in good condition £10 picked up from andover pair of lower dark grey used coor cards £15 picked up from andover lupo front smoothed bumper £20 picked up from andover SORRY WILL NOT POST
  2. nuttydub

    my arupo

    take bulb holders out in the indcator hole is a orange doom you need to cut it in two small bits then shake it all out the light and fit chrome bulbs
  3. nuttydub

    my arupo

    how its sitting now
  4. nuttydub

    Arosa picture thread.

    how its sitting now
  5. nuttydub

    Arosa picture thread.

    my mk1 arosa the day i picked it up
  6. nuttydub

    my arupo

    there std Cambridge just need to de-tango them
  7. nuttydub

    my arupo

    no not oz no markings on them two small mod`s need to de-tango lights next
  8. nuttydub

    Seats lupo and arosa

    my mk1 arosa has lupo gti seat`s front and back straight swap
  9. nuttydub

    Deadmetal's 1.4s Now mk2 Mx5

    cheers for the lights and nice to meet ya glws as car is very clean
  10. looking for pics of front number plate mounts as i cant get mine to sit right
  11. nuttydub

    Deadmetal's 1.4s Now mk2 Mx5

    can pick up turs or fri day time if any good to ya pics would be great cheers
  12. nuttydub

    Deadmetal's 1.4s Now mk2 Mx5

    go on then if you still have them on the 8th i will have them of ya
  13. nuttydub

    my arupo

    240 mile road trip today to pick gti seats up black headling in & sunvisors grab handle`s fitted momo 300mm fitted
  14. nuttydub

    Deadmetal's 1.4s Now mk2 Mx5

    £75.00 picked up any good
  15. nuttydub

    Deadmetal's 1.4s Now mk2 Mx5

    do you still have cambridge lights for sale

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