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  1. thanks Gents, its getting higher up my to do list, cheers
  2. anyone changed a wing, it looks straight forward, but that usually means there is something to catch out the unwary ! I did take a look through the How To section, without success.. Mine is rusty on the arch and has been repaired badly before, so I reckon its time to smarten the old girl up. . . . any advice fron the mighty Lupo Collective ?
  3. Hi Rob, been looking at your Ad and could be interested, you have been honest about the cars condition and it clearly would welcome a little love here and there. Looking at your posting history you mention HGF did this turn out to be the case or was it a curve ball from a different fault ?

    Let me know as and when, I cannot get to see the car for a week just yet so leave it with you



  4. http://s1218.photobucket.com/user/lupodriver/media/IMG_1115.jpg.html here is the beast, if I have managed to link it properly
  5. Thanks Carrera GT you're making a lot of sense there, plan to pull it off the car tomorrow. I notice you have the best colour combo on your GTI (in my opinion) I fancy one of those ! I assume you love it ??
  6. blimey, this is sounding like deep deep witchcraft to me ! I haven't yet looked at the unit, presumeably it has a serial number on it somewhere to help with locating a replacement ?
  7. worth a go, I will try. . . . those connections could be a bit scabby after all the miles !. . . . will report back. Cheers again
  8. any idea on the cost, and is it plug and play. . . is mine the ACK engine ?
  9. Hi to all. . . in a word yes and no. The changing of the temp sensor seems to have made it idle slightly better but I haven't yet taken it back for a further test of its emissions. So it is ongoing ! I picked up another car of mine from the garage and got into a chat about the car, he ran his OBD tester and again it wouldn't speak to the ECU so that is the third gadget that wouldn't, this cannot be co-incidence which lead him to say he thinks the ECU is the issue. . . . I suppose i am lucky not to have to rely on this car every day, but at the same time it means that i am slowly working throu
  10. The wrong sensor was supplied, 4 pin square, needed a four pin round despite them noting the car reg . . . .. Still now I have that I will fit it later. I asked the dealer to check if my car has one or two Lambda sensors and on my engine the AFK it has one. Not sure if this is common knowledge, but thought I would share just in case
  11. Cheers again for the continued advice guys. . . . . I now have a new temp sensor, clip and o ring to fit later today and see how I get on. Fortunately for me the local MOT tester has taken pity on me and my car crisis recently and will do an emissions test for a pack of biscuits !, so hopefully this will be the answer and I can get the car back on the road. The lupo is more fun to drive daily than my other cars, so it will be good to get this sorted.
  12. a pal of mine came over last night with the wireless version of a reader and the torque app on his phone and it wouldn't talk to the car we let the car idle and warm up which initially it finds a struggle, but after a minute or two it idles ok, albeit it is not at a consistent level, it slightly rises and lowers. So the next step was go through the mechanical stuff, so we cleaned the throttle body and re started the car with no difference, pulled the plugs, cleaned and gapped them no difference, did a compression test and it read 200 across all four cylinders. We then disconnected the temp se
  13. Hi Sausage, appreciate your reply. The instructions mention going to Comm port 4 which I did, they also refer to trying again as you suggest, which I did. but I will try again later and use your suggestion of 38400. I did perform the test as you suggest, and I think I am right in saying that you have to do this in order to save the settings, so that you can then run the scan. its still all witchcraft to me !
  14. Hi Skezza, I did follow the pages of instructions which includes changing the port options as you suggest. it seemed to go as per the notes provided, but a pal has said he will come over to have a try with his reader, so I will let you know how that goes. Thinking it is a mechanical issue, I will do a compression test at the weekend and see what that tells me. again I will report back so the knowledge is shared. Peter
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