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  1. yeah that could work, do it to the pipe that comes out of the back box
  2. i think its the pipe bending that cause's it , my original sport backbox sagged but a new stainless exhaust corrected this. could try new hangers though
  3. adam bmx

    1.4 S Power

    And if you want power why did you buy a lupo ?
  4. adam bmx

    1.4 S Power

    http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=90992 the bmc will only make a difference in sound
  5. go to a tyre garage they have a tool that will measure the width
  6. i got some wheels from rim style and the caliper caught the rim, i emailed them and they sent 4 x 5mm spacers free of charge. still not enough so i grinded the caliper down, i strongly advise you dont do that but im poor and couldnt afford 10mm spacers haha
  7. i dunno haha, thats what the garage i took it to said it would be, ill find out tomorrow where they got it from
  8. using the wanted section might help your minor lowering search
  9. my decisions to buy a sport was purely based on the fact i wanted a gti but could afford the insurance so settled for the next best thing, tbh mate if your not bothered about the extra 25bhp and the little cosmetic differences i wouldnt bother with a sport as bep51 said there bad on fuel and sit at high revs on motorway and about 500 quid extra (for me) to insure against a 1.4s, still love my sport though even if it trys to make me hate it ! your welcome !
  10. temp sender, mines broke, getting replaced tomorrow its like 6 quid for the part
  11. different inlet cam, metal inlet manifold, ecu, bigger throttle body. bigger brakes, exhaust manifold and different gear ratios and most importantly the insurance difference
  12. there already spaced out 5mm allround, got some 10mm spacers lying around but i need arch work if im gona space out anymore, adjusters are now out and front back to original lows! , anywho heres a teaser pic pic from a recent photshoot, more to follow !!! photo cred @matt123roll
  13. NEW wheels are on finaly, some sketchy caliper grinding and some 5mm spacers but i did it ! more lows definitively needed but heres a little pic for your viewing pleasure (unless you hate them ) more pics soon as a little photo shoot is needed me thinks !
  14. started of with the coolest first car ever (imo) this thing had fold out rear seats next was a boring standard mk2 caddy sdi. slowest thing on earth and didnt last long in my ownership. currently with the little lupo sport. all in under a year of driving
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