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  1. Plug

    Lupo GTI exhuast.

    Hello all, its been ALONG time since i posted on here ! Posting on behalf of a friend, he's in need of a new exhaust system and cat for his 2002 Lupo GTI. He's having real trouble finding an oem cat, even VW are saying they cant get one ? Are sports cats the best route to take ? Any recommendations on custom exhaust fitters in the West-Midlands area ? Cheers Dave !
  2. Plug


    Its been a while since i posted on here, thought id stick a thread up show you lot where im at. some of the older members might remember some of the cars ! My first car was this in 2007, 02 lupo sport Then My first mk2 in 2008 bigbumper 16v Then onto a MKV in 2009. Then back into a mk2 in 2011 Current weapon is this evo 5, had it since July of this year, the BBM MK2 is in storage atm, could never part with that ! Thanks all for looking !
  3. Plug

    Lupo Sport

    Spot on mate, LOVE it !
  4. Plug

    Plug's BBM Mk2

    Cheers dude, loop looks phat in yo' sig !
  5. Plug

    Plug's BBM Mk2

    Cheers for the love boys. @ the Mods' , am i still allowed to post this in here ?
  6. Plug


    Youve done some amazing work with this mate, that interior is very nice dude. keep it up
  7. Plug

    Plug's BBM Mk2

    Cheers dude, Nice one Ry, you can come and clean it if you want Cheers man, its a lot more solid than the oaky to be honest & the paintwork is there abouts the same...
  8. Easy. 19 months of MKV ownership and i feel myself pining for a big bumper mk2 again, after a few weeks of looking this popped up on gumtree. ATM ive still got the MKV but that will be up for sale very very soon so if your after a low mileage tidy GTI drop me a PM. Anyways back to the important stuff....... 1992 Bright Blue Metallic 8v Gti (168,000 Miles, just broke in) Absolute bag of history/receipts, very soild and straight, no rust no rot, paintwork isn't perfect but its very very tidy. Drove the car back 300 miles from Glasgow and it didn't skip a beat, drives spot on. Car came with the
  9. Plug

    MkV GTI

    nope, kinda lost interest it in now want something different... Car is going to be up for sale within the next 3 weeks, 33K 1 Previous Owner. 4 brand new tyres, freshly m.o.t 'd and serviced !
  10. SIck, loving the ride height properly low
  11. Plug

    MkV GTI

    this. Full time work ect now, its just come outta bodyshop to have some repair work done on the rear bumper and to get rid of a few stone chips. Looking fresh as now, wheels and tyres to be ordered the start of next month, archs rolled, helpers out and
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