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    white 2001 1.4 16v lupo
  1. I had it with Coop when i was 17, was the cheapest i could find at the time. im with Hastings now and you gotta be 25
  2. 4x100 to 5x112 adapters on eBay
  3. This still available? Pm me if so
  4. maybe something to do with warm air intake? valve not operating hose not attached??
  5. Bout 6, was between newcastle and sunderland
  6. You got spacers on? Looked tidy with the steelies
  7. mine does this, im not arsed just poeple give me a funny look every time i start it up i just say it gives the car character
  8. 16vfrank

    White lupo

    aides? are you special
  9. 16vfrank

    White lupo

    You never know!! I spend a lot of time following a satnav not knowin where the **** I am, I'll probs be one of them idiots who drives in a lake
  10. White one could of been me, black wheels with polished lips? Think I seen arosa the other day probs was me!
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