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  1. anyone around the calne or chippenham area on here?
  2. i have heard the ecu adapts and adjusts the position, should i clear the fault code before taking the battery off?
  3. ok i took the throttle body out and it looks like the flap is open a hairline can see it when i shine a torch through it, it's def where the noise was coming from had a listen while it was still bolted down, is there a way to recalibrate it myself?
  4. is it likely i'll need to replace the throttle body?
  5. the code came back as 16891 Idle control module rpm higer than expected.
  6. for some reason the engine light has come up on the dash although the engine seems to be running fine, it's been on and off for a few weeks but now it's stuck on, has anyone else had this problem and what's the likely suspect?
  7. i know the fault is with the weld on the back but the box still seems stuck ok just the clutch arm/peddle woggling a bit.
  8. was wondering if anyone has had the same problem as i have with the clutch peddle? basically it goes down about 2 inches very easily before it feels resistance, the pedal moves side to side about 1cm if you wiggle it with your hand? does this mean the peddle box is on it's way out? any help would be appreciated thanks.
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