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  1. Owen33

    LupoGti123 Car Timeline

    Never knew it was crashed like that! we found it in a scrap yard! looked very beat up around the back quarters and door!
  2. Owen33

    LupoGti123 Car Timeline

    I now have your Taffeta Green sport been in the family since start of 2010
  3. Owen33

    AFH Conversion

    Hows this lupo running now ? or in the past aha
  4. Owen33

    GTi NA Power upgrade

    I heard many rumours that you can't take the cranks out of the ally blocks? If true how do you go about the 1.6 internals in the 1.4??
  5. lupos only weigh a tonne lol ramps and axle stands are designed to hold that much weight individually quit being pussys aha
  6. Owen33

    Alloy help. Will these go on a gti?

    What wheels are on your gti?
  7. Taffeta green lupo sport on (kinda) polished castellets, you will hear me before you see me though haha have a few other friends with lupos but they stay down newcastle way. Also two of my friends are mechanics at arnold clark
  8. i've never seen either of these around im im from newcastle but now live in morpeth! Got couple lupos and plenty of bits if you need anything Also been desperate for a rear arb
  9. Owen33

    engine tuning...

    Mitch done it and he ran jenvy itbs, i never new the power he had but it was quick
  10. Owen33

    Lupo sport cams in a lupo 1.4s (75bhp)

    You have a turbo'd lupo ?
  11. Owen33


    I see people often said the ibiza cupra carrier will fit, If so then this seems the best option. Cheap, Newer and looks little more stronger/durable? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Front-Brake-Caliper-Carrier-for-Seat-Ibiza-93-02-/300934549862?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Model%3AIbiza|Cars+Type%3A1.8+T+20V+Cupra&hash=item461118d166
  12. Owen33


    when you buy the carriers i assume you get the slide pins? I've found a st which look like they dont have the pins, does anyone know whether the pins out of the smaller carrier fit?
  13. Owen33

    GTI BMC Advice

    To get the carbon canistor off, you lower your car, you try to park it but fail and mount bumper on the kerb, rip entire bumper off whilst reserving off. Then a couple of days later you'll find yourself driving over the canister. then just join the two pipes together that would be in the canister
  14. It will be position sensor/ actuator, the cable throttle bodys do have this, mines been broke for years now. Lucky for us we have the cable still and the car will still work. Newer, fly by wire models really struggle when this goes. To stop it reving quite so high you can adjust the cable. Very simple take airbox of and slide the metal clip off and move it a slot to the left ( will loosing cable about 1mm, start car and see if its any better if its still too high try another slot along. This isn't a fix for the problem but i'm happy with it. While your there may aswell clean the throttle body which will help also.
  15. Owen33

    My Horn! Help?

    infront of the pasenger side front wheel, hidden behind the arch liner

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