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  1. if this is still being read, where did u get these r8 style lights, i assume they have the leds built in, not just stuck in the grill...
  2. i arrived at 8 last year, got breathe checked for alcohol every 5 yrds!!! and wrist banded, and told i wasnt allowed to drive and all sorts of pants, even though they've just seen my clearly driving in....
  3. We guna be camping in a group or anything?!
  4. Weekend 1. Silver! - Lupo GTI 2. REDLooP - Lupo 3. Sarah_Diamond - Lupo GTi 4. Ed - Lupo GTi (if I can convince him to attend!) 5. Blitzerman - Lupo
  5. Is fhere a thread that includes pictures? The how to that I found, the pictures are nlt showing sorry for poor typing im on tablet...
  6. Followed you / us all the way past Swindon! On fake Bbs
  7. Yeah ill come along with the GF! not too late for paddock passes?
  8. Ill probs come along, ill have a word with the gf this evening
  9. Cheers bud haaa. mind slapping some bbs rs's or reps on there aswell? lol. trying to prove to gf rs's will suit it and the ones previous wont... ha
  10. e andddd can you lower it aswell please and maybe one with these on too
  11. Do you have... Subframe, NS Lower arm, Dash and both airbags, and steering wheel? and how much for steering rack?
  12. I think theyre just guna apologise, and give him a pat on the back. Of course theyre going to be paying, through insurance id imagine.
  13. Hmm, ive removed it, all i really notice is noise at say, slow moving, like 5mph... thats it really. And i got mine wet with the jetwash, and cba to wet vac it so removed it... it looks clean underneath so im happy, but yeah if it was immaculate id leave it in
  14. Think im guna put an order in toinght 185/45/15 going on an 8j wheel
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