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  1. Yeah mate, leave for Norway next week :-) Yeah she has been, going to a good home bud
  2. Wheels are 15x7 not sure of ET Tyres are 165/5015 Bridgestone potenzas Car is now sold! Moving to Norway next week too :-D
  3. Welcome to club lupo buddy, arosa looks a good base and I like the graffiti on the T4!
  4. Cheers for the comments The only reason the 16v badge ain't on the front cos it fell off haha Car is booked into CLCM on Monday, I'll just have to enjoy comfy 7 seriesness to and from edition :-)
  5. Ended up just going for the bridgestones again lol got them for £43 each in the end so pretty chuffed Got under it last weekend, replaced the top mounts as they were knocking they're ***** off and re-attached the undertray as it was scraping out on the camber of the road... lol Now need to get the new tyres fitted and get the car booked into CLCM to get the tracking and camber set up, need a new window motor for n/s and new drivers switch for the window, currently got a few interior bits out for a clean up and a paint. A couple of pics of how it's sitting at the minute Thanks for looking
  6. Loops going up for sale next month, really want to get back into a mk2
  7. I would just like to take a moment to apologise for not having the stand ready for you guys, I did say you lot were coming and someone chose not to listen. This will not be the case next year as arse's will be kicked! Sorry again and hope to see you guys again!! Brian :-)
  8. Nice one man, looks clean, mk5 handle is a trick touch :-) Svag show on Sunday?
  9. Im going for the bridgestones again as I found some at a decent price Had nangkangs on my old Alfa wheels on me polo, they were ****
  10. Thanks Yeah, the ends are too long and you'll need to ask ministig how he got it so flush
  11. Some cracking Lupo's on show today, Colin's old one especially!!
  12. Wee update... Flat caps for the borbets have arrived but still need painted, so they are not gonna be on for CumbriaVAG. Hopefully on for the svag show next Sunday. Also got some spacers to sort the rear out. Also got a good clay, polish and wax yesterday all ready for the shows. Cheers for looking Bri
  13. The potenzas grip like **** in the wet and dry, I don't drive like Lewis Hamilton though so as long as they generrally keep me on the road i'd be happy
  14. Nice one I'll look into them, cheers
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