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  1. I have recently noticed itd not letting me start a new topic other than on here nomore :/ why?
  2. Swap for banded steels? :/
  3. I seen another set of these not long ago going for about £400/£500.
  4. Heading st helens way on the lancs. stickered back window, bonnet bra black standards gti's
  5. I cant make out if these are leather or not?????
  6. Fancy a swap with a omp wheel and boss mate?
  7. Is it different if its alloy or steels? Because i have banded steels. I will torque them tomorrow to 110Nm i think i can get hold of one
  8. What nM should you torque wheel bolts too mate? Teah i understand about the washers but i just have every bit of info to you all so i could get someone elses view.
  9. I have recently gone lower and used washers for camber. When i had done all that i obv tightened all my Wheel bolts back up (tight enough). that aside a week later i heard a noise coming the from rear left wheel, so i just checked then and found that it was loose wheel bolts which confused me and then i noticed a wheel bolt MISSING! So i then thought can camber cause bolts too loosen? Which seems a reasonable question. OR i am actually thinking someone is f**king around took one of my bolts (newest shiney) one and loosened all my rears. I checked my front bolts aswell and they are fine. What you guys think and please no sarcasm, is quite a serious point. Thanks
  10. lupo_jack


    Swap interior for my full standards (red and grey) and my porsche tombstones with lupo runners and £50 your way???
  11. It sounds like your arb knocking mate. Are yous slammed? That will be the cause in that case lol youll need a notching or arb that goes under
  12. Oh ****ting hell cant believe i missed that :@ no worries mate.
  13. Hi mate do you have the passenger side front light? Unbroken? Pm me please
  14. Just wondering if there is a cl stand this year just outside the building? As i would like in if its possible i just dont want to park on the main car park again this year? Thanks
  15. On picture 2? Thats just the red reflection off the centre cap aint it :s
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