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  1. Thanks for the advice mate Its gonna take a little while to save for one but i can't wait !!!! I'm going to keep it standard for while when i get it though, so i will probably sell my car exactly as it is when the time comes.
  2. Few new pictures. Driveway Lows... I'm currently saving up for a GTI, however it would break my heart to sell Vinnie Lupo! so do i go for the Gti, or spend the money on someting else like a re-spray, or air?
  3. Some sticker company on ebay that prints them to whatever text you like
  4. Thanks buddy I was thinking of doing the centres red, but i do think the silver goes well with the car as it is too
  5. Lowered the front some more since thet last set of pictures, i still feel i should go lower though. Plus i am still planning on rolling the arches and getting 4 big spacers
  6. Thanks mate Yea i agree that his car is outstanding and his attention to detail is brilliant. Hopefully mine will start to take shape soon, once i have got 4 big spacers
  7. SUBFRAME SORTED! Also note the front camber has been corrected too. And before anyone mentions it... I know it desperately needs spacers ! Next is arch rolling then spacers all round to give a little bit of poke. All comments welcomed regarding what would look better... Lowering the front more, or getting spacers all round
  8. Thanks fot the reply treblet. I will give it a go with the help of some friends, hopefully i wont have the problem with the captive nuts. Mike
  9. Bit of a thread revival, I now have the subframe! so hoping to fit it soon. I know ELZ 16v gave a rough description on how to change it, but does anyone have a proper guide? Would save me a load of money to do it myself with some friends, just want to know how its done. This isn't to say we aren't capable enough... But we just want to do it properly Any help is appreciated, Mike
  10. Hi CL, bit of an update. I finally got a front subframe, i ordered it off a webside called "1st choice spares", however i am having doubts that it will fit. I did specify the make and model as well as reg number and was informed it will be suitable, however the overall shape seems to be different. Can anyone shed any light on the situation. Here is the new subframe... Here is the old... And here is my Lupo ... Thanks Mike
  11. http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4ab916c708 Found this on ebay, would this be a better bet as it is Lupo specific. Does it matter that it is for a 1.4s and it is made for a Lupo with power steering? My main concers is how the steering rack differs. Sorry to keep asking, i just really want to get the correct part Mike
  12. Just to confirm, the part in the ebay link above is suitable for my car? I need to be sure as i am hoping to sort this out and then upgrade to a sport
  13. Thanks for the reply Rich, I was unsure as it is the 6n2 polo subframe and i've only heard the 6n ones fit, so thanks for letting me know I am more then happy to pay £40 for this seeing as it includes all the lower arms and bushes. It saves me paying £200 from VW for the subframe alone Mike
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