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  1. Hello, do you have the drivers side door lock at all?
  2. DanGB

    Many parts.

    Parts still available? Im after the drivers side door central locking lock/unlock switch
  3. Well done again Ryan, now maybe time to start driving it and getting it dirty like mine
  4. All Weekend 1.Silver! 2.Mafyou 3.MrLuke 4.Gavstar88 5.Dz1981 6.GMInsite 7.LoopEd 8.SD_xo 9.Blitzerman 10. Dean Robinson 11. Ben (LGG) but will be on the DIRTY STANCING stand 12. Jabbles21 13. Newnesie 14.Lermy 15. jamielupo 16. Sarah_Diamond & passenger Sarah (hopefully) 17. Fran & Jeni 18. REDLooP 19. arosabinns 20. Emz 21. RobGti 22. AJ 23. Dec 24. JoshG1992 25. AlexH91 26. Kez1990 27. Ashh 28. tomroberts 29. Treblet & Clairey Fairy 30. LubLupo & Boy'dup 31. Adam R4 32. DanGB Sat Only 1. 2. 3. Sun Only 1.LupyGav 2.Thooooom 3.Yiddox46 4.Tylerlupo Show 'n' Shine 1.Lermy 2. arosabinns 3. Emz 4. RobGti 5. hit 6. Gavstar88 7. Dec 8. DanGB
  5. Depends how scene the judging is really..
  6. Hard work is starting to pay off Entered the concours class at Inters yesterday. Actually lost a point as the car was lowered Next time i'll raise it and paint the springs black! and thanks for the tips 12yan!!
  7. DanGB


    well done rob on the awards, well deserved.
  8. Do you forsee any issues with MOT as the indicator is no longer orange? Does look good.
  9. Some piccies from Early edition yesterday! 107,500 on the clock now!
  10. not quite there yet, but close!
  11. Car looked great yesterday mate, gonna paint my gearbox too
  12. Well done AGAIN Ryan! Car looking sweet as usual. Great to catch up and pick your brains yesterday! Cheers, Dan
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