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  1. Yeah, pull the shroud back from the sensor and the cables with have colour codes, then look for the same colours at the ecu end and check for continuity. Saying that though if it’s intermittent you can’t guarantee a faulty reading, could do with a proper test point kit and then wiggle the loom about.
  2. Maybe the repair didn’t last? But I’d definitely be checking the wiring to the sensor from the ecu. As has been suggested.
  3. Saying that I’ve got a decent vac tester and diag machine at home that I’d probably use first if it’s raining.
  4. How do you mean release from the cable, can you show us? Do you mean the collar that you push down isn’t popping back up again?
  5. Yeah I’ll second that, it’s the tower at fault, not the cables or lever. Remember me switching mine over rich?
  6. Well it probably won’t, but whenever you uprate anything, especially the engine, which is where most people seem to start, which you’d still need to declare btw, you then need to start thinking of every other component. More power means more power to the gearbox, so you uprate your clutch so you can make the most of the extra power and thus keep it reliable, no point having extra power with a slipping clutch, that all comes down to reliability. More power means more speed, so you then have to think about how to slow the speed meaning bigger/better brakes, bigger servos etc. More
  7. Well that will all go out of the window anyway when you chuck a bigger engine in or faff with the current one.
  8. Fast reliable daily? Cupra R mk1.
  9. Tbf if they’re a bit over it’s not the end of the world, I’ve over tightened loadsa stuff more critical than that and it’s never come back.
  10. If new then they want to be 20nm. Sorry, typed it and didn’t send it 😂
  11. Are you using new or the original ones?
  12. It even says in the comments how he did it...🤷‍♂️
  13. You can do it with any petrol car, just rag the tits off it, turn it off and then back on again quickly after, the fuel being dumped into the engine at full revs ignites when the engine is turned back on and it fires it through the exhaust system. It helps to have a straight through though. And to be a bit retarded.
  14. Finallly, something worthy of my membership fee.
  15. Who you trying to kid, you’d love it!
  16. What lupo is it? I had 8j th-monos on my gti and they fit.
  17. Your point is invalid, the thread is no longer relevant as the topic has come and gone, so any/all conversation made inside it is on topic, as there is no topic. Try pushing out warning points at me like that again and I’ll come over there and thrash your bare arse.
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