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  1. Yeah like I say mine was clogged... Obviously has never been done in its lifetime. Will maybe need to do this to mine then at some point.
  2. Well touch wood this morning back to being fine again. Struck straight up no cutting out or rubbish idle. Don't know if it was from the crankcase breather being blocked or the accumulation of things, but will see how she goes. It's nice not worrying if your car is going to cut out on you at any point whilst driving.
  3. Will check later on when I get a bit of time.. at least I know a new battery is on the list before winter sets in. Another update I noticed out the corner of my eye that the crankcase breather pipe had a bit of white mucus inside so I removed the whole crankcase breather pod and pipe to find it crammed full. Took about 20mins of brake cleaner and hot water to clean it out. All back together and I don't know if it's me but everything seems smooth as silk. Idle, driving everything feels really nice. Don't know if it's from doing the crankcase breather or if it was just learning the throttle body after I done it before. Will know for sure in the morning.
  4. Ok done that.. and no different. Although now the codes have cleared and haven't come back on yet. I have just done a quick battery check and it is coming back and low would that have an effect??
  5. And the TPS is located where?? Pedal end or throttle body end??
  6. Thought it was just silicone myself as I had done it when cambelt was done. But they are not oiled up anyway so that's not the cause. Need to plug it in and see what it says again.
  7. I didn't check any of that just on the fact it had a throttle body code. Will need to check that tomorrow. Will also whip plugs out and see if they are oiled up. If they are what would that mean??
  8. Plugs are brand new few weeks ago. Yes dies gradually, it starts no problem idles at around 1k then goes down to 800, 500.. dead. Start it again same thing. But like I say I can start it hold revs even at 1200 and it wont cut out and then after a minute or two when there is even an once of heat in the car. No problems at all doesn't cut out.
  9. It's a 1.4s (75bhp) had it scanned and it came up with throttle body hence the clean and reset. I must add it only does it from cold when it is warm and I start it, it never cuts out. And also if I hold some revs on from cold start up for a minute or two then it won't cut out either. It seems like it's just when the engine is stone cold
  10. Hi, just started yesterday mid drive where it randomly cut out going round a corner shortly after leaving my house. And this morning I started the car up just waiting for the windscreen to de-mist a little and it just died. Started it up same again after a few seconds.. dead. So after work I cleaned and reset the throttle body, no luck.! Still cuts out on first start up after a couple of seconds. Any help much appreciated?? I'm possibly thinking a faulty coolant temp sensor but I'm unsure. Thanks
  11. Looking for a tyre size that would fit both front and rear.. didn't know if 175/50 would fit both not looking for silly stretch either.
  12. Hi all I have a lupo 1.4s that I bought a few weeks ago, it has Coilovers on but the rear adjusters have been taken out. I don't see to much point in buying a whole new set of Coilovers just for rear adjusters so was thinking of just lowering springs on rear with Coilovers up front. My question is as I would like it to sit right I was wondering if anyone has there lowered by 40mm on rear and could possibly measure from the arch to bottom of alloy just to give me an idea if it would sit how I want. Thanks.
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