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  1. SamAtkinson

    Up Accessories

    Its a shame those Classic alloys dont come in a 15
  2. SamAtkinson

    VW GT Up - The new Lupo GTI??

    Its L'UP'O though isnt it, youd just say 'I drive a new lupo gti'
  3. SamAtkinson

    VW GT Up - The new Lupo GTI??

    On another note however Im a little disapointed it doesnt have a rotating VW badge/boot handle
  4. SamAtkinson

    VW GT Up - The new Lupo GTI??

    Im crossing my fingers for a road going version of the polo R wrc although I have been looking at the up for a little while. More I look the more I like but I will hold out untill I see one in the flesh.
  5. SamAtkinson

    Lupo 'ring times on GT5

    Yay! If my internet wasnt so pap I would offer you a race.
  6. SamAtkinson

    Lots of Lupo Things! (List inside)

    Gutted I would have totally had the drivers side piller trim. Never mind
  7. SamAtkinson

    lupo sport parts... mostly everything avalable :)

    Throttle body? If its in full working order. I dont think i9m too far away and could come collect it. Thanks
  8. SamAtkinson


    Im newcastle. As north of england as Id ever want to go haha
  9. SamAtkinson

    Production Up! Previewed

    Like wise, I want a decent spec on it though. Atleast 170bhp 1.4 tfsi engine to rival the fiat abarth 500 esseesse, manual box too.
  10. SamAtkinson

    Parts: headrests, vw badge, P/S mirror casing

    I'll have the gear knob please, flick me a PM with your paypal please. Thanks Sam
  11. SamAtkinson

    Getting the forum up to date

    Agreed, blue is uneasy on my eyes. Keep thinking I've gone to club polo haha
  12. SamAtkinson

    Sport throttle body

    As the title says Im after a sport throttle body, 65mm wide and fly by cable. Complete with a working sensor please. Will happily come collect within a sensible distance from Newcastle, failing that I will happily pay for postage. Thanks Sam
  13. SamAtkinson

    3rd time lucky

    Well done dude, well deserved as ever.

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