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  1. No updates for a while ive been far too busy with working but heres a new pic to be going on with.
  2. Looks fab, i have to concur the rear spoiler in black would be great.
  3. Very nice work, i love MK1's and its nice you have retained the OEM look.
  4. Ooooo thats not pretty, guess we know why there were not any advance pics of the front!
  5. They may be saving it for the big reveal?
  6. Oh and its a 1.2 (see something bigger will fit)
  7. Nope its part of a proper press release from Seat previewing the cars it will be showing at Worthersee this year.
  8. Looks like some VW group one up man ship at Worthersee this year, checkout the Citigo Rally. http://www.autoblog.com/2012/05/17/skoda-racing-up-to-worthersee-with-citigo-rally-concept/
  9. Well it was only a matter of time. http://www.autoexpre...r_revealed.html
  10. Ah those funny germans, there humour knows no bounds
  11. Okay Update, Dent fixed at the end of January a very good job was done too. Aero wipers added front and rear and MOT passed last week.
  12. Better and better all the time, i like the high level brake light delete, did you consider getting the aerial deleted too?
  13. There not viable right now but without the early adopters (silently) blazing a trail things wont improve. But i am glad we at least have a start on electric cars, some things on the horizon are fast charging (4 minutes estimated) contactless charging and of course ever increasing range.
  14. Saw one up close for the first time today, looked pretty cool in red. Like others i thought the design looked a little cheap but in the flesh it seems pretty well built. I can see myself getting one of these in a few years
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