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  1. Yeah exactly what we all said to. Are you on Facebook I have uploaded some photos from the day onto there. Hope you don't mind.
  2. Lupo1 Lupo2 Lupo3 Lupo4 Lupo5 Lupo 6 Lupo 7 ( my personal fav) Couple of mine
  3. Cheers mate. Nothing compaired to yours. is anyone else on here that was there today?
  4. Few lupos here today. Got a few pictures will upload when I get home
  5. I haven't changed the clocks just the cover. It was really easy to do. Took about 10mins
  6. Have done a few things Removed the rear wiper. Fitted a 6changer And finally a gti clock cover. As you can see I haven't got the clocks so have a hole not my first choice but added some carbon to cover it. Also gave the engine bay a clean Comments welcome Michael
  7. My friend took some pictures tonight with his slr camera.
  8. Finally some progress Fitted some rear pop outs Then fitted my coilovers, wind deflectors, and sport wheels Not the best pictures. Will try and get some on my next day off.
  9. Got the coilovers and wheels on. Will need to get some pictures over the weekend
  10. Nothing much been happening part from cleaning. Got my private plate put onto the car so am happy as its been on retention for 2 years.
  11. Cheers guys al get it checked out. A walk to work for me tomorrow I think lol.
  12. Do you think it's ok to run about in it? Just it's due the 60k service soon ( getting it done early) so can also get it sorted then. Or would you recommend it being fixed sooner rather than later?
  13. Cheers al get it checked out hope it's nothing major :/
  14. Is that something you need to get done by vw or can any garage do it?
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