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  1. Get this kit for central locking http://www.rclick.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=53&products_id=1110 will take u about 2hrs to fit
  2. Sound like your heater resistors have gone, look under the passenger footwell, take of cover and you will see a black rectangular shape held by a screw at each end, remove and see if the resistor is rusted, damaged etc. New part is a heater resistor
  3. Installing is easy just alot of fiddling about I've done it on both my lupos, takes about 2 hours Best one to get is from rclick.co.uk
  4. Are the rears in the mk4 not 60/40 split?
  5. How much is it for the windscreen?
  6. i just had my car mot'd 2 days ago and it went through with flying colours, tho the examiner did say prob be best to take off the film on the front indicators as it looked a tat bit dark, i just thought just need led bulbs, shud brighten it up
  7. Billster

    ABT Grill

    only grill i can find at the moment are these, but are well over priced :surprised: http://www.madmotors...ogleps&id=37257 http://www.octimex.c...ducts_id=429992 http://www.ppcgb.com/Volkswagen/Lupo/Front-Grills/pt715_1642_-cma582-cmo1596/ http://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4.php?KM44202
  8. Billster

    ABT Grill

    aftermarket product, i even tried emailing abt to see where i could get one, was told dont make them anymore i was lucky to get one on ebay, from some company in ireland, dublin
  9. Billster

    ABT Grill

    kinda hard to find nowdays last place i seen them for sale was on fk site or ebay but they all seem to have disappeared
  10. 12" x 24" will do headlamps 12" x 6" will do indicators
  11. Make: VW Model: Lupo MOT: 14/09/2011 TAX: 30/10/2011 Engine size: 1.0 Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: 58500 Miles, Serviced 500 mile ago includes timing belt, aux belt, pedal box changed as it started to creak, check straps changed on both doors. Mods: Remote Central Locking (rclick) Reiger Bodykit Scorpoin Backbox TA Technix Coilovers 15" RH Ad Cups Alloys Fully Polished OMP Panel Filters Tinted Rear Windows ABT Front Grill Lamin-X Headlamps & Indicators Bad Bits: just being honest here, a very little bubbling on driver roof gutter, small dent on roof near middle, light rear bumper scratch and front bottom passenger side, dont really notice these unless your really looking Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland Images: Price: £2000 ono
  12. glad to help other members
  13. front indicators are easy, just pop the bonnet twist to take out bulb in the indicator grill trim there is a screw holding it, remove and the indicator comes out easily
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