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  1. pev

    ABT Grill

    still got it bud?
  2. Mine does the same, almost sounds like a super charger. Has to be bearings worn out somewhere.
  3. that will have bee me mate haha, been a while since i was last on here. cars on stock sus now
  4. just plastic weld the holes up, then smooth them off
  5. pev

    smoothed bumpers

    That's the same problem I had, I used fibre glass filler stuff around the plastic welding and it's almost impossible to get it all even with it being so solid
  6. go with the 3m light kit, i work in a body shop and its the best thing we've used yet
  7. do what i done and get the plastic light protector covers then cover them in lamin x to you can just take the cover off if you want to drive more at night etc. not the best mod for winter though
  8. my nearside rear hub was all worn and cracked and stuff off camber too, its not just the tyres what wear down
  9. i have revs on my loop, wobbly bolts are a treat
  10. had them on all hubs front and back, front wore down quicker obviously but back still was stupidly quick, and cornering in the wet wasnt the best either, to be honest they look good, but like half of zero said, they're no good for something you use often unless you can be bothered to keep fitting then removing them
  11. don't do it mate, worst thing i've ever had on my car, tyres down to the metal after 5 months, they were brand new on
  12. actually i've just watched a video on youtube and i can't tell if they come on automaticly with wipers or not...
  13. i'f like to know why the go on about needing washers, most people who have cars with washers probably don't even what they are / that they even have them so they hardley ever get used.
  14. pev


    just buy some comfy seats
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