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    Haha!! I'd forgotten about this. You know all is forgiven. Was just a crappy situation. Get posting 😉
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    Wow! Having read through this thread years ago, I figured now I’ve just bought the car (and completed its first successful race weekend in 2-3 years) I’d have a refresh and pipe up! It’s funny how things pan out, as Dave knows (and we’re well past it), I was also ‘responsible’ for the GTi doors ‘cheating’ issue, (I’m that b*****d), but only because I was told by the scrutineers I’d have to remove them from my original build (which incidentally never got finished so I moved on) so I only raised a question 🤦‍♂️ Nevertheless a lot has changed to the car after Dave’s ownership including a fair few new yet unsuccessful engines. Personally I’ve not done a lot as yet other than get him out Saturday gone and grab a Pole, Win and FTD in the Castle Combe Hot Hatch Series. So, if I’m welcome based on my “b*****d” label, I’ll happily update the thread with that’s happened since and what Eric is like to date....
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    That looks like Bury?? You don't see many Lupos around these parts!
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    Wheels and a drop. Keep it simple, reversible and clean it.
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    Welcome to club lupo! I'd keep it 100% standard. Easier to maintain and worth more when you sell it again. There aren't that many about now...
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    Hello all Lupo and Arosa fans and owners. After my son got himself a Lupo and we started modding it I decided to take the plunge and bought a 1.4 16V S to play with. There's definitely something about these cars that just puts a smile on your face. I'm looking forward to the fun ahead. I'm also amazed with the knowledge that owners everywhere have on this forum and have already found it to be the go-to place for info and help. Thanks
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    Yeah I admit it....bit of detailing going on. It's sitting on a set of grey and polished 15 inch Borbet a's and I have a new set of Stance plus ultra coilovers to go in over the next few weeks.
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    There's a TDI for sale on Lewis for not much money, might still be on Gumtree
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    Mine is for sale, give me a message on FB cameronjohnhunt
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    Ok, i hate telling everyone my tricks, but I've figured out how to drive it home. It has an MOT after all. All i need is a 2mm steel strap about 40mm wide and about 250mm long. My rechargable drill, 8.5mm drill bit, a couple of washers and an m8 nyloc nut and bolt, about 100mm long. Tada! just a question of price now. Costs after buying would be- Interior probably about £300 ish. Original wheels about £150 for a set. Dunno what else is missing. Guess maybe another £100 of bits. Then fill, rub down and respray. Why oh why, black? It's the most difficult colour to get mint. Pull all the suspension, weld, grind, blast and powdercoat, then waxoyl £120. Perhaps 100h of work. A lupo gti as new again worth maybe £4.5k? Other bits, just for restoration- exhaust, steering wheel, rubber bushes, ball joints, boots, bearings, belts, water pump, door hinges, leccy windows? ICE, floor mats, RKE.... so maybe cost about £850 plus the car buy price? Thoughts people? Might be easier to just buy a poor example that's about complete for £2k ish and do that up. It's always the interior that's hard. Especially the driver's seat. But other cars I've restored, I went on the german ebay breaker site and bought the german passenger seat material for 100 euros delivered- which in a small commuter car is hardly used- and is like new once valeted. There are loads of Lupos being broken in Germany. Loads and loads.... see here https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-lupo-schlachtfest/k0
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    Fantastic. OK no worries, best of luck with the sale.
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    Shiny and dark. Very nice
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    Clearance is the issue for this manifold, it sits higher near or may touch bonnet. Big boys map added tonight and its mad now! nozzles and map details are the tuners secret can put you in touch if you need some. I am loving the work, and to paraphrase Ferris "if you have the means I seriously recommend you check them out!!"
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    Up rate your brakes, this should always be the first move because with better brakes you can drive your at faster
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    I have the exact same and i reccomend a rear wiper delete with clean stickers at the back and fron and a sunstrip maybe. Lower the vechile and get some new wheels and small details make a huge difference.
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    Did this a while back. So thought I'd upload some pics... Cheaper than buying new and they look almost as good. At a glance from a distance it makes the car look much newer! About 2h will be enough from start to finish. Also how to fix the bulb access door clip- every lupo I've seen has a broken plastic hinge point for the metal clip! You've got to be gentle with them....
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    We are up and running Modified Volvo V70 inlet, Passat GT1749V turbo reclocked and an AFN exhaust manifold All running and buttoned up just got a few tweaks to do on maps and sensors clutch was tired anyway so slips when prodded so need an upgrade, anyone know of a 190mm upgraded kits they can recommend?
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    obviously but they must be poverty members.
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    Someone is trying to report me to scrutineers for "cheating". They first told them I had plastic doors...and the scrutineers put a magnet to my doors, but I have GTi aly doors so the magnet didn't stick anyway lol. They're trying to make out they weren't standard fit etc. Only way they'd have this info is following one of my build threads. I also know that the people doing this are building a Lupo themselves....
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