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How do you remove heater dials on the VW Lupo 02?


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Hey Guys,

I recently bought a Lupo 02 but having difficulties with my heater dials as there's no illumination, I've been told it could be bulbs, however, taking away part of the dash it looks as though it's built in. I'm happy to replace the whole unit, however, getting it out is proving somewhat difficult, the only solution I can see is to remove the entire lower dash, centre console and gator. Would be great if anyone has any quick solutions as I'd rather not undergo the above surgery for a lousy tenners work. My dash is of the MK2 model and isn't as simple as the MK1 model.


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As Ray said, you only need to remove the centre knob (heater fan speed). If its tight, get a piece of rag and some long nose pliers and pull. I use a piece of rubber washer pipe hose to remove and replace the bulb, don't use pliers as the bulb breaks very easily!!!

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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but does this work on the newer shaped knobs ?

Mine are in a 2004 car and are a rubberised round knob about the diameter of a 50p rather than the type shown in the pic / video above.

The centre knob doesn't seem to want to come off and I don't want to force it and break something.

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Sussed it - so I thought I'd post up in case ayone else searches for the answer.

The central knob is made up of 3 parts. The round knob you can see, a red plastic insert and a clear plastic "tube".

When you pull the knob off (can be very stiff) it may leave the clear tube behind and have the red "connector" piece inside the knob.

The clear tube also pulls off, but its hard to get a grip on directly, so I used a cloth & screwdriver to leaver it off.

Once off, you can get to the bulb as described above.

Refitting - you push the clear tube back on, aligning a small slot at its base with a slither of plastic (basically, push & keep twisting until they align and the tube pushes home).

The red piece then goes over the clear plastic tube and the knob pushes over that.

TBH - Once you have them apart its obvious how to realign - the hardest bit was getting enough guts up to pull the knob off, as you really feel like its about to break something.

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