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Door check straps and hinges? (Part Nos)

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The rubber washer on the passenger check strap is worn through so it's clunking

Drivers door has dropped so I'm thinking pins(?)

can anyone help on first steps

new check strap?

new washer (seen the layered shrink wrap version)?

new door pins?

should I replace all round?

Is there and stronger than OEM door hinges made for lupos

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Drivers door has dropped ? Hmm, I've heard it happening but the creaky strap is more common. I'm in the process of writing a tutorial to ghetto fix it.

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I added new straps and bolts last weekend. The bolts are still a little loose however.

I think the bracket which is bolted to the car is missing the nut at the bottom to hold the bolt. Think I will just find a nut which fits however.

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