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Polo glove box


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With a lot cutting it fits reason able. You need to cut everything up to the lid. (See picture below) Also you need the centre dash bit from the 6n2. you will require this later. (Red lines represent cut lines)


Then you need to unscrew and cut the pocket (one big piece that go to the other side) To centre console.


Behind this you have part of the dash you need to cut out


On the glove box I would recomend cutting the end down a bit to fit more flush.

Then the bottom part is best to cable tie - saves drilling. the top part i would recomend screwing a piece of wood because the screw locating holes are different on the 6n2 to Lupo. See picture below of nearly finsied result.


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Guide is above. However the two other methods are.

Use the Lupo centre but have both ends of the polo 6n2 with the centre bit from a lupo - looks reasonable 99hjm did this method.

Use all of the lower dash inclduing centre consolde from 6n2. A guy called Chris (can't remeber his user name) did this but from what i see of it it has alignment issues.

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