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Rubbing Strips

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Hi all

Was wondering if anyone has had issues with removing the rubbing strips? im expecting the doors and pannels will need a good clean and probably a bit of t-cut and polish once removed. If it turns out there are marks i can always get some vinal to cover the mess!

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its will be fine inless someone has resprayed your can with them on and you have a line of raised paint, like mine for instance :(

yes, really look out for any respray work. if you can see a slight patch of rougher or a different shade then chances are its not been done properly and removing your strips would make things worse.

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heat the rub strip up to melt the glue then use dental floss to get behind the strip and gently peel them off.(would not use an ice scraper) and hope the car has not been re-sprayed.

then spend 5 hours with tar remover getting the sticky crap off. good luck and keep at it lol

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hi i actually removed my strips off both sides mines came off easy without heating it or anythin then the sticky bit pulled off no probs but theres a few little marks there which i will use the d tarring thing then give it a gd t cut :D hope its as easy for u as it was me :D

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