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  1. Disappointed with the turn out. Only a handful of Lupo's and I didn't see any on the track when we were out. Although that does include my own as it was defiantly not track worthy. I was hoping to see a few Gti's running to see how they run/handle themselves on the track. Considering a change from the Sdi to the Gti but I may go for a Fabia Vrs (tdi) now.
  2. Hi all Was wondering if anyone has had issues with removing the rubbing strips? im expecting the doors and pannels will need a good clean and probably a bit of t-cut and polish once removed. If it turns out there are marks i can always get some vinal to cover the mess!
  3. How much did Arch Enemy charge for rolling them? also do they have a website?
  4. A friend had a problem with the clutch on his lupo. Contacted VW and it was a problem to do with the welding of the pedel to the box. VW repaired his for free. This was a few years back mind but worth asking.
  5. I had endless problems with my drives electric window. I’d press the button you would hear it click but nothing happened yet the passanger window was fine. I replaced the motor and regulator on the drivers window and it would be fine for 6 months or so and stop again. It all turned out to be that there common for sticking. I was advised once in a while to put some lubricant on the metal runners which you should see by taking off the interior door panel. Apparently the best stuff is actually aerosol dash cleaner but mines been ok since. Give it a quick spray once in a while and just open and cl
  6. Sorry im sure this is a common comment and expect some flack for this but i have a Lupo SDI and would love a GTI spoiler to fit but looking on Ebay they seam to be as rare as rocking horse s**t! anyone know where i would be able to aquire one from? i know about the light fitment etc i was thinking of filling the gap in and painting it obviously it will obscure the top break light but its not a legal requirement to see this . . . i think! Anyway wheres best place for parts? also GTI interiors? again leather seats would be awesome! Cheers
  7. Hi all Just a quick one. Driving home this evening the temperature coolant warning light started flashing and i don't have the user manual. Anyone know why it might be? i checked the level and although it had been running the water level is below minimum so im assuming thats what it is but any suggestions would be appreaciated cheers
  8. Cheers for that, I'll get my ass on Ebay or something although with christmas coming up might have to be in the new year. so based on what's been said, how can i check whether my current head unit would support the speakers i am fitting? am i to assume look for the output of the unit and the spec of the speaker. to get the door cards fitted im just going to wire up one set until i get the amp but now im concerned will the unit support the speakers! talk about been a novice or what!
  9. here's me showing my ignorance . . again not techinaclly minded. So i'm basically going to have to get an amp. What am i best doing getting 1 amp running it from the back of the head unit to the 4 speakers or 2 small amps one for each pair? or again is there no difference in the method? If I'd know it was going to be this complicated i would have fitted all this when i had most the interior out to fit the head unit. Cheers for your help guys
  10. ah right, how would i be able to check whether the head unit would be able to cope with all 4 speakers? i was told that the unit i have has a built in amp but well its an unrelaiable source and i rather doubt that it has. The head unit is a Pioneer AVIC-X1BT which does have a brain so you never know other than that what would be the most suitable amp for an extra 2 speakers? cheers guys
  11. Hi all I've just finished my door card mod's only taken me about 12 months! anyway I've removed the original door speakers and have fitted 2 pioneer speakers into the door card and not I'm wiring them up. BUT obviously I've gone from one speaker to two and I'm not technically minded. basically do i connect the first speaker to the second and then to the original speaker wire to the CD player OR do i take a speaker wire from each speaker and join them to the existing point? Or will it make sod all difference? Cheers
  12. Hey, had the same dilemma and went for 16's and am currently regretting it. they look smart but i wish id gone for 15's as I've got coilovers on and if I'd thought about it i could lover it more without ramming the wheel into the arch evertime i run over a pebble!
  13. Hi everyone I've been playing and I've modified the lower door cards to hold some bigger speakers (nowt daft) I've become a little stuck as to how to finish them. I've made a wooden mount so the speakers aren't flush but stuck out at an angle (yes i made sure they would fit with the seats) then used fiberglass and bodyfiller on the whole door card so the side slots are missing and all there is now are the two holes for the speakers. I intended to paint them but well i cant be arsed now too much like hard work as i'd have to make them perfect and after 3 attempts i've given up. I'm contemplatin
  14. I know of a Graphics company that would happily cut you some stickers if anyone wants some. message me if anyone wants some bespoke stickers or just standard ones and I'll give you a price.
  15. The interior is right nice although not sure about the exterior styling, think its one to grow on me but i so hope the gti is more like the limited edition W12 golf they did because if it does they will make a mint on sales and i'll queue outside vw for a month in a tent to be one of the first to buy.
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