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  1. Ralfy ill be going from sandy, bout 20 mins away from stevenage, could possibly meet somewhere
  2. welcome in glenda, i must admit the fast car black lupo was the reason why i fell in love with lupos in the first place, loved that car looked mental
  3. think he is still looking pete ?...
  4. Gave me a wave and flash, did wave at you but don't think you saw , was black, lowered, usual stuff haha
  5. Ill post a pic Saturday night/Sunday morning for you fella
  6. Few mates and I are heading down to graffiti tunnel on Saturday night, just wanted to see if any other people with a Lupo would be interested in going ?, we are departing from Biggleswade at half 7 and will be meeting a few cars at south mims services when ever we arrive there haha, let me know if anyone's interested, good backdrop for a few snaps in my opinion, right next to London eye too so
  7. i have a corsa b splitter, ill find a pic
  8. just got to settle on a date then
  9. i cant next sunday as im working
  10. yes koop couldnt decide if i should keep or sell but kept and put abit of money into it and now fallen back in love haha, yeah just same colour , where about did you think you saw me ?
  11. ahhh fair play, Thanks dude , only had that as i was on route to devon when i saw you ,where about you based
  12. Gave you a wave from the passenger seat as girlfriend was driving, flashed at us just didn't know if you was on here , was standered ish I think
  13. havent updated in ages but cars now back from the body shop after her full respray , will post some picture shortly
  14. got you on instagram but thoughti would search and have a look ,looking good just get some alloys haha!,ialsohave that headunit
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