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  1. i want some black sun visors anyone help?
  2. I want some black sun visors if any one got any for sale Thanks
  3. I got some 60mm springs for a £110 weitec from demon tweeks they are stiff but good .
  4. I'm 60mm springs all round then slam some fat chicks in the car! Now that's low.
  5. Use tar and glue remover it's only about £5 an it works perfectly then just polish it afterwards
  6. where did you get those black side indicators? i bought some smoked ones off ebay and all the tint peeled off :
  7. just leave your springs out and sit your car on shockers... now thats LOW
  8. Iv done a few bits an pieces too my lupo and i wanaa tighten it up abit. so...... I want a full set of poly bushes for my 1.0Ltr lupo but i carnt find them anywhere :S Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. My Fav Lupo Wheels Have got to be Ronal Turbo wheels with low pro tyres..... There Freeeeeking sweet!
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