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Gearbox oil change

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Looking to do this on my gti and have the oil ready and waiting. just wondering if anyone has a diagram of where the drain and fill plugs are?

drain is to the rear central at the lowest point of the box, square drive head needed, (i can tell you the size 2mora) filler front of box down in between rad and box, need bottles with tubes on or length of hose and funnel.

hope that makes sense


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The GTI is a 12 point star socket with a security hole in the middle. I bought the special socket from Halfords GSF but eBay sell them also.

I have a pit and it was tight access. When under the car and looking at the rear of the box, there are 2 alloy plugs........one either side. The lower one is the drain and the higher one is the fill.

Make sure the fill plug comes out first and then take the drain out.

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I take advantage of this topic because I has to change the oil of gearbox on my Lupo GTi but I do not know too much if they are the good corks.

Thus it is at the level of the corks of filling and draining that I am not on of me.

Is it about the nut of filling and check of level surrounded in red?


( Picture taken aside thus side of it gearbox)

And is it here about the nut of draining surrounded in red?


( Picture taken of bottom, thus it is the bottom of it gearbox)

Thank you very much !!

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The big plug pictured is either the drain or filler, DONT undo the little one, there is another big plug around the other side of the gearbox casing, just keep looking. the drain plug is nearist the passenger side of the car.

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Today I was able to go to look on my Lupo and I think of credit note to find the second cork.

I thus put 2 picture, say I of it think you of it:

- Cork of filling?



( Picture taken by sous the car, the side lines of escape)

- Drain plug?


( Picture Taken side of the gearbox thus side wheel)

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