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Vw Lupo 1.4s, Engine Conversion to Golf 1.8t.


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Hi, Since i posted the car having the problem it had i haven't touched it, Me and My father have a spare 1.8Golf Turbo we are planning on getting rid of and he had the idea of swapping engines with the lupo and making some funky build out of it. I had no issues with it seen as ive left it for nearly a year and its just gathering mold etc. So i have a Question. We have the cars, The golf works fine(other than a slight gearbox problem which will be fixed before putting it in). The loop i think is working now.. Somehow 🤔. What else would I need in order to swap them over other than a engine hoist haha, Straight swap, everything in the golf into the loop. Any help would be massive! 


Josh :)

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If it was simple, everyone would make one.

If it was that hard, nobody would.

You need :

Lupo GTi pedal box and gear selector.

mounts fabricating.

shafts making.

intercooler and pipes.



that's the simplified version.







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I've shown this to my Dad and all he's asked is 'What gearbox do we use as the golf needs a new Clutch, and Gearbox is a 5 speed. Anyone help?


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