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Best DoubleDin out on the market?


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Hi All, 

ive recently bought a lupo, and want to upgrade to a double din, would be nice to have apple carplay but they seem to be more expensive (for a reason i guess) 

Budget wise, im looking to spend around £150-£200 if that is possible? My basic requirements is that it has Bluetooth and touch screen,  everything else is a bit of a bonus really. 



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27 minutes ago, lupo1.0se said:

The description says seller already has a code for this one "Mit Code

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Hi Faz,

I bought a Sony XAV-AX3005 a few years ago and got it fitted to my 2007 Polo 1.2E.  Excellent sound quality through the standard speakers, Dab and Android Auto/ Car Play capable.

RRP £399 I picked it up from Amazon Spain for about £240 at the time.

I believe they do similar cheaper versions AX1000 £269 RRP and AX1005DB £309 RRP.  Both of these only do Car Play, not Android Auto.  The more expensive one also has DAB but is often discounted to about the same price.

I haven't bought anything from Amazon.eu for a while and the days may now be over with the import duty, but www.webprice.eu is worth checking out.

There was a used AX1000 on ebay earlier for £139.99, the seller looks trustworthy.  I would have been all over it for my Lupo but I need Android Auto.  It may be missing the Microphone though.



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