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MOT emissions with Kam Racing system

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Lamda 0.998 and 1.001 but this reading was at 1500rpm.

Hydrocarbons and CO increasing together as revs rose and when held at constant throttle. Oxygen dioxide levels were 0.2 going up to 0.4, been told it might be over fuelling due to the map or could be an issue with the oxygen sensor (first lambda in the manifold) but don't know.

Wondered if others on here with same set up or similar had issues with emissions? Is it the set up inherently or the the individual car or map that need to get sorted.

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Sounds like too much fuel is the main issue. Although if lambda is hovering around 1.00, means everything should be ok. What are the blow by gases like? Is the engine sucking in lots of oil fumes (are the rings ok)?

CO increases as the fuel runs out of air to burn with. Blocked air filter?

Or temp sensor forcing the ECU to think it's running cold?

Or if the ECU has been remapped, there could be an anomaly in the mapping numbers...?

What did it fail on specifically?

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Thanks for replies and know this is a very delayed one.........

Not sure on the blow by gases to be honest.

Problem is high hydro carbons and carbon monoxide. Have read that high CO levels can be caused by old spark plugs, crap oil and blocked air filter as written above. All of which changed a week after the MOT so might be worth it being checked but not sure how much difference those items would make.

The guys that did the mapping said the fuelling at idle and constant throttle wasn't changed.

If no one else with this Kam system has had the problem then I know it's the car but wondered whether others have had same issue once Kam system fitted?

Who else can map these that can I ring and speak to for some advice on the map?

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