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Lupo GTI 2002


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Hi I’m now thinking thinking of selling my Lupo GTI .. never thought I’d write that. 

Totally standard 

121k miles 
1 previous owner from new
17 years VW main dealer service full history 
Subframe, removed blasted, coated.
Exhaust replaced 4 years ago with genuine VW one 
Rear suspension replaced with genuine standard 
Original mats
New OE bushes
New wishbones  
Tracking just done
Service and cambelt/water pump this year.
New spark plugs
Cloth interior
2 keys including original tag from factory
Interior pics coming 

Lovely, lovely car. It’s not perfect but it’s honest and clean. I’m just thinking I don’t want to put more miles on it. Would prefer it to go to an enthusiast. 
















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I totally get what you're saying about not wanting to put any more miles on the car and it going to an enthusiast. I'm feeling slightly bad about using the Lupo Gti I bought recently as daily driver. (Mine's a bit scruffier than yours but the asking price was a bit lower too.) However I wonder if you're not gonna regret selling it, when in a few years time you really want your Lupo back and there isn't one for sale with a history as good as yours, or if there is one, it comes with an outrageous price-tag. Just a thought...

To any potential buyer, I can only say: It's a cracking little car, buy it now before someone else does...

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On 12/5/2020 at 10:50 AM, LexG said:

Thanks I'm sure I will ... my Up GTI is waiting for me so ill be posting that when it arrives!

Your Lupo GTI appear to have turned up 5 minutes from where I live in Cardiff. Small world.

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