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Arosa Sport passenger seat airbag deployed (photo), what to do?

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I'm looking for an Arosa Sport 16v and this very promising one has all the right signs except one: When the seller finally sent me pictures of the interior, he told me that the passenger side (right side in this case) airbag misteriously deployed for no reason some days ago.

Now, we could debate if this is possible or not, or if the guy is full of it and it's had a side shunt and that's why he's selling it. But let's accept what it is and therefore my actual question: what's the normal procedure here? Can one "replace" a seat airbag and mend the seat cover somehow, or is the whole seat toast and need to find another one? (probably a whole seats set). In either case, what kind of cost are we looking at?

If it turns out to be too much trouble I might pass on this one, as much as it'd hurt (I think it's the only red Arosa 16v I've seen with sunroof in years).



WhatsApp Image 2020-11-01 at 11.07.34.jpeg

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Yeah, that could be sewn up again if you have a sewing machine. Take five mins. Tricky bit is removing the entire seat back fabric. Easiest when the whole seat is out and resting on a (clean) workbench.

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