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2001 VW LUPO E 1.0L

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Reluctantly selling My wife's Lupo which she inherited of her Nan who bought it new. Just had the MOT done and runs fine. There is however an issue with the alternator and it's not charging the battery. Not sure if it can be refurbished or would need swapping out for a working one. 

Recently had two new tyres and a new battery(replaced it before I realised it was the alternator!)

Make: VW

Model: Lupo E

MOT: Oct 2021

TAX: £150

Engine size: 1L

Fuel type: Petrol

Location: Cheltenham

Images: below

Price: £300 ONO








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That's pretty much a mint car apart from those very minor and easy to sort scuffs. And five spokes... Nice.

The alternator fault is almost certainly the brushes. A quick easy fix for about a tenner. Or swap over the alternator from one in a breakers for about £25.

I'd say worth about £800 once it's been detailed inside and out. Those body blemishes would cost about £200 to sort and then the car really would be like new. I mean 63k miles for a Y reg?! Awesome!

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On 11/20/2020 at 5:33 AM, cjones33 said:

Any interest at £200? Seems a shame to scrap a working car but it may come to that 😭

Cheap as chips, even has proper wind up windows, if it were not for lockdown I'd have it as an extra spare car, wife would kill me though

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