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  1. Any interest at £200? Seems a shame to scrap a working car but it may come to that 😭.
  2. I'm in Cheltenham close to the M5
  3. Happy to listen to reasonable offers. 12 months MOT. Worth something to someone who could replace alternator themselves and sell on or keep as as a donor car?
  4. Reluctantly selling My wife's Lupo which she inherited of her Nan who bought it new. Just had the MOT done and runs fine. There is however an issue with the alternator and it's not charging the battery. Not sure if it can be refurbished or would need swapping out for a working one. Recently had two new tyres and a new battery(replaced it before I realised it was the alternator!) Make: VW Model: Lupo E MOT: Oct 2021 TAX: £150 Engine size: 1L Fuel type: Petrol Location: Cheltenham Images: below Price: £300 ONO
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