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After a successful test drive of one of these ugly imports earlier today, my (not so) kid sister would like one as her first car. On the wild off chance anyone has one they'd like to sell and/or spots one locally that looks decent, please give me a pm! Criteria is as follows:

<40,000 miles


'59 plate or newer

Must be Urban spec

Not too untidy!



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Don't do it.

Buy an A2 or a 9n3.

The fox is awful, don't do it.

(Other half has one)

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Technically, the fox is a better, more modern car, but being built in Brazil by workers who don't own cars themselves, it isn't. They're not as well made as Lupos. Like chefs who've never eaten in a michelin starred restaurant or B&B owners who have never stayed in a good hotel....

Someone on here was selling a 1L thing a week or so ago up in London from memory. Not too far from you. Have a look through the for sale thread. Apparently in pretty nice condition too. 

As a first car, something will always go wrong as the driver doesn't recognise the sounds of bad things happening or about to happen, so Lupo, Fox or a French car won't make a huge difference. Just not a fox. A sub £1k Lupo will also be cheaper to insure and service/repair/maintain. And she can join Club Lupo!

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Thanks for the input, you two are single handedly propping up this forum! Was a little concerned when I saw Rich had answered that it might just be a request for photos, fortunately not 😅


Rich - what has gone so wrong with your good lady's Fox to give such a damning warning?


Mk2 - naturally, I had considered getting her a Loop but they all seem to have either been molested or trashed in some way. Plus the newest Lupo is what, a 55 plate, so lower mileage examples are few and far between and most need some work doing. Plus plus they mainly seem to be bloody miles away! 


I have always hated the Fox with a passion but without any real reason, the one we drove had a much better gear box than my girlfriends old 14 plate (black x across the face style) Aygo and my brothers 11 plate 107 and I really like the movable rear bench. Visibility is much better than the Aygo clones too and the car feels a bit more usable as its just that little bit bigger. 

If we do go for something different it might be an i10 😲

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See below for a reply I made to another query on the Fox. It may assist:

There are two basic Fox variants. The 1.2 three cylinder and the 1.4 model. The 1.2 is the much more economical car.

i have owned three of the 1.2 model, covering about 80k miles. They have proven to be more or less trouble free. It’s a good, practical workhorse, but built to a budget. There is plenty of front tyre noise in the cabin and performance is adequate. The gearing means that the car will go most places in 4th and 5th gear. Motorways are no problem but petrol consumption dips if you get too enthusiastic.

The only problems I had were as follows:

1. Speedo display packed up, but this was replaced under warranty.

2. Blown fuses from trying to use rear wiper in freezing weather.

3. Front washer hose leak where it meets the bonnet...design issue

4. Electronic boot catch fail

5. Electric window motor fail.

Servicing of the 1.2 is simple and dirt cheap. There is a Base and an Urban model. The latter has a few extras such as split and sliding rear seat, opening rear windows, central locking and electric windows.  As a workhorse, I personally think it takes some beating. I taught my son to drive in the Fox too. The clutch is light and the gearbox is smooth. Good basic car, with a high driving position that gives good visibility.

Good luck.


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I just hate how high you sit, you can't text whilst driving and asides from wishbone bushes nothing seems to go that wrong.

Windows are ****.

Engines can burn oil.

I haven't got but I have seen bad rust.

All the buttons and switches are in the wrong place.

Wipers looks ****.

9n3 selecting reverse makes the wiper go, even dry.

Revs are too high at speed.

There doesn't need to be six cup holders.

I can't fault that much but I definitely don't endorse it.


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I also thought about asking for pics.

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Thanks Kev, nice comprehensive write up and reflects a lot of what I've been told from someone who bought both of his kids foxes! 

Rich I like how you've sort of said it is a good car there, in order to worry about the more asthetical issues the mechanics must be fairly sound. I agree 6 cupholders is madness though (the gf has a ds3 and there are NONE!!). 

I feel like this thread needs to be renamed and moved into the fox forum now for future prospective fox hunters to read, wheres a mod when you need one... 




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  • 2 months later...

Well for better or for worse we bought a Fox, ended up with an urban 09 1.4 in fetching metallic indigo blue, full service history, 2 owners, 47000 miles and pretty flawless MOT history. Plus it was only 40 mins away. 

Quite a revvy little beast and hardly fast but you can get a full Tesco shop in the boot which is more than can be said for a Lupo! The sister has had an hour driving round quiet residential streets and likes it so that's a relief. 


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